7 Delicious Vietnamese Shrimp Recipes

Vietnamese cuisine is known for its emphasis on fresh ingredients and the perfect balance of sweet, sour, salty, and spicy flavors. Shrimp plays a starring role in many Vietnamese dishes, offering a delicate sweetness and tender texture. Let’s discover 7 popular Vietnamese Shrimp Recipes, from Vietnamese Rice pancake, tapioca dumplings to Hanoi West Lake Shrimp Cake.

1. Vietnamese Pancake Recipe

Banh Xeo, which translates to “sizzling cake” because of to the sound it makes when cooked, is a savory rice pancake filled with succulent shrimp, savory pork and crisp mung bean sprouts. Beyond its delicious taste, Banh Xeo holds cultural significance in Vietnam. The pancake’s vibrant yellow hue, derived from the addition of turmeric, symbolizes prosperity and luck, making it a popular choice during festive occasions.

Vietnamese Pancake Recipe

2. Authentic Vietnamese Spring Rolls

Derived from the south of Vietnam and became popular especially in Saigon, nowadays people enjoy Spring Rolls everywhere, from small street talls on pavements to luxury restaurants around the world. In the past, Vietnamese spring rolls was an appetizer or an afternoon meal and never a full meal; however, young Vietnamese people can eat 5-10 spring rolls as a time and consider them an official meal.

Authentic Vietnamese Spring Roll Recipe

3. Hu Tieu Nam Vang

Hu Tieu Nam Vang (Pork and Seafood Clear Noodle Soup) traces its origins back to Phnom Penh, Cambodia and appeared in Vietnam over a century ago. Over time, it has become a favorite dish in Southern Vietnam.

hu tieu nam vang, nam vang hu tieu noodle

4. Vietnamese Tapioca Dumplings

Tapioca dumplings, known as “Bánh Bột Lọc” in Vietnamese, are a popular snack and appetizer that originated in Central Vietnam. These translucent dumplings are made from tapioca starch, a type of flour derived from the cassava root, filled with various savory ingredients, providing a burst of flavors with every bite.

Vietnamese tapioca dumplings

5. Vietnamese-style Green Papaya Salad

Green papaya salad (gỏi đu đủ) is a common dish in many street food stalls or a daily meal or family gatherings across Vietnam. It captures the essence of the country’s cuisine – fresh ingredients, harmonious flavor combinations, and a beautiful blend of textures. The crisp papaya and carrots and fresh, juicy shrimp, chicken meat, etc. create a refreshing palate cleanser or a light meal on its own.

Vietnamese Green Papaya Salad

6. Shrimp Fried Rice

When it comes to quick and delicious meals, frozen shrimp fried rice is a fantastic choice for breakfast or lunch. This recipe utilizes leftover cooked rice, eggs, frozen shrimp, and green peas to create a satisfying and flavorful dish. 

Frozen shrimp fried rice

7. Vietnamese Fried Shrimp Cake

Hanoi West Lake Shrimp Cake (Bánh Tôm Hồ Tây) is a dish that reflects the soul of Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital city. The dish combines the crispiness of the fried cake and the natural sweetness of shrimp. Thanks to its popularity, it is nowadays so-called Vietnamese Fried Shrimp Cake by international tourists.


These most common, delicious recipes will really make you love them. Pick your favorite ones and give them a try to discover more about Vietnamese cuisine and its best Shrimp Recipes!

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