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Hi, I’m Mia. I’m into cooking & decorating foods, but also follow a healthy lifestyle. In combination of these, “Keep up cooking” blog is founded to share all the recipes which have less sugar, less unhealthy fat and more fresh & natural ingredients. Besides, this is also the place to share my experiences in cooking & preparing everyday meals.

Stay tuned, and KEEP UP COOKING!


Can I use one of your photos?

If you wish to utilize one of my photo, kindly contact me at [email protected]. Please include details regarding the intended use of the photo and whether you intend to include a hyperlink to my website.

Please note that I do not grant permission for the reproduction of my recipes. However, I assess requests for photo usage on an individual basis.

May I reproduce your recipe?

I regret to inform you that republishing any recipes from Keep Up Cooking is not permitted.