I’m Mia, the face behind Keep Up Cooking. In 2018, when I left Vietnam to pursue a master’s degree in business, I began cooking every day to overcome my homesickness for Vietnamese cuisine and to explore new recipes from around the world. Together with my husband, I created this blog to share our recipes, tips, and knowledge about cooking and ingredients. All the recipes on this blog are MSG-free and contain less sugar than usual. The healthier, the better 😉

Stay tuned, and KEEP UP COOKING!


Can I use one of your photos?

If you wish to utilize one of my photo, kindly contact me at info@keepupcooking.com. Please include details regarding the intended use of the photo and whether you intend to include a hyperlink to my website.

Please note that I do not grant permission for the reproduction of my recipes. However, I assess requests for photo usage on an individual basis.

May I reproduce your recipe?

I regret to inform you that republishing any recipes from Keep Up Cooking is not permitted.